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Treatments and Pricing

Swedish                                 60 min $110/ 90 min $125
Swedish massage is a superficial relaxation massage. The client will undress to their comfort level. Lotion or oil is used while performing long gliding strokes.
Deep Tissue                          60 min $110/ 90 min $125
Deep Tissue is similar to Swedish Massage except it involves pressure that is more penetrating. Very little lotion or oil is used while concentrating on deeper layers of the muscle tissue.
Prenatal                                 60 min $110/ 90 min $125

Pregnancy massage is not performed during the first trimester, and doesn't involve a lot of pressure. Pillows and wedges are used while the client lays on their side.

Geriatric                                45 min $70

Geriatric massage is designed to meet the specific needs of the elderly population. It involves manipulating the soft tissues of the body to relieve pain, increase circulation, and increase range of motion. Technique involves strokes that are more light with gentle stretches.

Therapeutic Massage          60min $120/ 90 min $135
{15 min Cupping Therapy included}

Small plastic cups are placed on the body, and a vacuum is created under the cup using suction. It improves blood circulation to targeted areas, removes toxins, and alleviates a variety of health conditions. It's completed simultaneously with massage.

Shiatsu                                 60min $110/ 75min $115

Originating from Japan, the therapist applies pressure to points that lie along the lines of energy referred to as ‘meridian channels’ using their hands, feet, elbows, or knees. This clears any blockages or imbalances, relieves pain, and stimulates circulation along with other benefits. This massage also involves passive stretching of the whole body.





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